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Child abuse comes in many forms. But the one that has me worried since it is considered acceptable by society is toddler beauty pageants.These “friendly competitions” are extraordinarily detrimental to these little girl’s well being, both physically and mentally.

My sister is addicted to the show, mainly to a contestant named Makenzie Myers, who is considered one of the superstars of pageantry. Yes, these pageants have superstars and these girls do whatever it takes to win the title of “Ultimate Grand Supreme”.

However, when I say the girls do whatever it takes, I really mean the moms. These mothers stop at nothing to make sure their daughters win. When interviewed about why their little girls are in pageantry, a good percentage of the mothers respond with “she (the daughter) just loves competing” or “Because she is number one.” Most mothers say that their daughter is the one who wants to compete, but what six-year-old child would want to be spray tanned and have fake teeth put in? Want to spend hours a week on practicing their smile and posture? There may be a small amount of children who want this but the vast majority of the children ages 6-months to 14 years, compete because their moms make them.

Their mothers force them into a highly stressful world when beauty is the only redeemable quality a little girl can have. I read an article where a mother is injecting her 8-year-old with botox and is giving her a full body wax so she will not have any pubic hair when she finally starts developing. The mother says, “When she’s a superstar earning millions, she’ll always be grateful for what I did when she was so young.”

In the article seen here, the little girl even talks about getting a boob and nose job, on top of tattooed make-up. She, also worries about getting wrinkles. Wrinkles? She’s eight for God’s sake. She just like many children in pageants are growing up with a warped sense of self-worth and will no doubt have eating disorders in their teen years. Plus, if you are raised thinking that every other girl is competing against you and wants you to lose, it’s going to be hard making friends.

Here are some of the lesser disturbing things mothers have done to “help” their daughters win.

Look at this little girl. Does her outfit seem familiar to you?

How about now?Yes, the mother dressed her 2-year-old up as a prostitute. It may have been Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman but Julia Roberts is still a prostitute. There are many more Julia Roberts movies from which the mother could have chosen and the outfit would have been…well, tasteful.

This is my least favorite outfit. Can you spot why I hate it?

The mother made her daughter breast and butt implants for the Dolly Parton outfit. Behind the stage, the little girl was being made fun of by other contestants because none of the little girls knew what breasts were. It made the little girl uncomfortable in her own costume.

What do you think should be done about child beauty pageants? I think that they should be banned and that only legal adults, who can make their own choices should be allowed to compete.

I end this article with a quote that I heard a little girl say on Toddlers and Tiaras after she had lost.

“Daddy? Did I lose because I’m ugly?”