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Loretta loved watching the snowflakes fly past the windows of Mick’s car. It reminded her of the trips to the Rocky Mountains that her dad used to take her on every winter.

She was taken from her memories when the car made a quick turn right, slamming her head into the passenger side window.

“Ow! Holy fuck, Mick. What was that about?” Loretta said rubbing the bump that was now forming on her temple.

“Sorry, babe. I just nodded of for a second. But I’m ok now.”

“You nodded off? You could have killed us, you dumbass.”

“Calm down. I’m awake now. I could have killed us but I didn’t so you need to relax.” Mick than ran his hand through his brown hair. “Jeff throws the craziest parties doesn’t he?”

“I guess.”

“Babe, don’t be like that. Come here and give Mickey some sugar.” He pulled her over for a kiss but she wriggled out of his grasp. She hated it when he acted like this. Mick was a jerk and she honestly had no idea why she dated him.  Yes, he had a nice car and came from a family that had a decent amount of money but that didn’t make up for the fact that he partied too much and treated everyone like they were his servants. He was an asshole through and through. But he was a handsome asshole

The two of them sat in utter silence as they drove down the highway. Mick attempted to make small talk but Loretta was in no mood it. He had openly made fun of her in front of his friends and she was pissed. She didn’t mind light teasing but he had a habit of taking things a little too far, such as making fun of her autistic sister.

After staring idly out of the window, she glanced up to the windshield. There in the middle of the road stood a person. She yelled for Mick to stop but it was too late. The car slammed into the person and spun out on the road. They held onto the car for support, as they were toss about. When the car finally stopped moving Loretta quickly checked herself for any serious injuries.


“Yeah?” He groaned.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. What the hell happened?”

“Are you serious? There was a person in the road!”


“Yes, really! Weren’t you watching the road?”

“Of course I was”

“Clearly you weren’t. How many drinks did you have at Jeff’s?”

“Not many. You know I don’t drive drunk.” Mick said, clearly offended that she would even think he would drive while under the influence.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I must have imagined all of those DUIs that you got last year. I’m just happy that no one got killed—oh shit! We forgot about the person you hit!” Loretta fumbled with her seatbelt and got out of the car as quickly as possible, while Mick took his sweet time. She raced out to the front and of the car and saw the huge dent in the hood and the engine was steaming. Glancing at the road around them she didn’t see a body and looking under the car resulted in the same result. There was no body. Not a drop of blood either. The two of them searched the surrounding woods and walked up and down the road but there was nothing to be found.